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Establishment of the college

In 1968 Birla College of Science and Birla College of Education were established at 2, Moira Street, Kolkata-17, as two separate Institutions by the first provisional Governing Body formed for the purpose. The University of Calcutta granted affiliation w.e.f. 1968-69 session. In 1969, the two institutions were amalgamated into one college under the name & style of Birla College of Science and Education. The college was managed by Vidyamandir Society through a Governing Body formed for this purpose with Sri L.N.Birla as its President.

Shifting of the College to the Present premise

On 15 th May,1978 the college was transferred from 2,moira street to the present Premises No.1/1A,1/1B and 1/1C,Acarya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,kolkata-20 by the management of the College i.e. Vidyamandir Society without the Consents of the affiliating University i.e. Calcutta University or the State Government. The students, teachers and the non-teaching employees of the college were in the dark about this transfer of the site of college.
On August 1978,Sri L.N.Birla, President,G.B., on behalf of the management had formally handed over the college to Late. Prof. Shambhu Ghosh, the Minister-in-charge for Higher Education in a function organised in the college. Subsequently G.O. was issued appointing an administrator and converting the college into a Govt. sponsored one although there was no follow up to the Government order. Being annoyed with the affairs of the college,the University took over the management by itself by appointing an administrator,Prof. S.R.Das w.e.f. 19.05.1979.The Govt. of W.B. took over the management of the college temporarily for two years w.e.f. August,1979 and appointed Dr.Subrata Gupta, Principal, Jogmaya Devi College, Calcutta as administrator. Subsequently, the state Govt. brought a bill before the legislative assembly for permanently taking over the management of this college along with that of four other colleges and convert it into a full-fledged Govt. college in 1980.The said Bill was adopted unanimously and later sent to the President of India for consents in the year 1980.The fate of the Bill is still unknown. At the end of two years period of the above mentioned temporary takeover of the college,the state Govt. therefore had to return the management for the second time and appointed Dr. Basudev Burman, dept. of chemistry, C.U. as the administrator of the college. He then prepared the constitution of a Governing Body under statue 93 of the C.U.First statue,1979 and the G.B. was constituted with Late. Prof. Amit Kumar Basak as its President. It took over charge w.e.f. September 1983. Since then, the college is being managed by the Governing body constituted/reconstituted as per Calcutta University statue,1979 from time to time.
As the college had no connection with the Birlas/the Vidyamandir Society since they handed over the college to Late. Prof. Sambhu Ghosh, then Hon'ble Minister -in-charge, Higher Education Dept., the G.B. of the college proposed the change of its name on and from 1.7.1987-the name of the college was changed from Birla College of Science and Education to Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College with the approval of C.U.
When the college was suddenly shifted by a previous G.B. to the present premises no.1/1A,1/1B and 1/C A.J.C.Bose Road,Kolkata-20 in May,1978,it was found that the premises under lease, the terms of which expired on 31.12.1979 and the leaser refused to recognize the college or accept rent from the college and also threatened to evict the college. On 26th December,1979 the aforesaid property was requisitioned by the Land and Land Reforms Dept.,Govt. of W.B. for a Public Purpose. Subsequently the State Govt. decided to acquire the property permanently under L.A. Act,1984 on 24.06.88 for the accommodation of the college. Thereafter the story of a series of legal battles in the Hon'ble High Court of Calcutta & in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India with the landlords, shopkeepers and property developers followed by threats, provocations and enticements. Finally the land and building of the present premises were acquired by the Govt. of W.B. with the sanction of law and the process of possessions were completed on 23.02.04 and the said possessions were handed over to the college finally on same date, i.e. 23.02.04.The above battle for a period of nearly a quarter century was fought unitedly by the teachers, non-teaching employees, the students and the Principal of the college under the guidance of W.B.C.U.T.,A. and the help from the Govt. of W.B. However, the teaching and other activities of the college were carried out uninterruptedly and with full vigour in a dilapidated building without a right to repair or construct during that period of hard struggle.
Immediately after receiving the possessions the Governing Body of the college put their entire endeavour for amalgamation and mutation of the land by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The three plots at 1/1A,1/1B , 1/1C Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road were amalgamated on 02.09.05 as a single address at 1/1B,Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,Kolkata-20.The mutation of the said premises was also made at the same time.
Finally,a deed of conveyance of the premises was registered on 18.09.06 by the Register of Assurance,Govt. of W.B.At the beginning there was affiliation in two basic programme of Science & B.Ed. The Commerce & Arts Stream was subsequently affiliated in the year 2002 -2003.The curricular business includes the following distinctive features in addition to the routine class-room interactions.

Take over of the college by Dept. of Education, Govt. of West Bengal

Shortly after that the Birla Management officially handed over the authority of the college to Late Prof. Shambhu Ghosh, the then Minister-in-Charge of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal,India on some time of August,1978. As a follow-up action, the Government of West Bengal appointed one Administrator and converted the college as a Government Sponsored College.

Acquisition of the College by Govt. West Bengal

In the pursuit of the Government’s deal for converting the college as a Government College, the Calcutta University took over the management of the College by appointing Prof. S. R. Das as the administrator on and from May 19, 1979 and a bill was raised before the legislative assemble for permanent take over the management of the college by converting it as a Government College. But the bill is still awaiting the kind approval of the Hon'ble President of India. In the mean time, the management of the college is brought under the pay packet scheme of Government of West Bengal and is guided as per the Calcutta University first statute 1979 and a Governing Body was formed with the Principal as the Secretary of the Governing Body. At the same, the college is newly named as Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College.
On the other hand, the land acquisition proceedings was abandoned by the Government on the ground that Vidya Mandir Society showed their unwillingness for acquiring the land through a letter to the Government dated August 8, 1979. But as the lease-period is going to be over by December 31, 1979, a notice of Requisitionwas made by the Government of West Bengal on December 26, 1979, which was further challenged by the then land owner Late Sailesh Kumar Bose and others at the early of 1980 in front of Hon'ble High Court of the Government of West Bengal. The so-called legal battle continues for more than two decade and ultimately ended by the judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India followed by judgment of the Hon'ble High Court of West Bengal. Being accorded with that judgment the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal, acquired the land homestead and building of the College through the first land acquisition collector and handed over the possessions on 09.10.02 and 23.02.04.

Land Registration

Immediately after receiving the possession the Governing Body of the college put their entire endeavors for amalgamation and mutation of the lands by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The three plots at 1/1A, 1/1B and 1/1C Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road were amalgamated on 02.09.05 as a single address 1/1A Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata 700020. The mutation of the said premise was also made at the same time. Finally, a deed of conveyance of the premises was registered on 18.09.06 by the Registrar of Assurances.


The so-called history of development of the college with its origin at Vidya Mandir Society and Junior Hindi High School ruled by the Birla Group, definitely demands salute from all corners of the society. The long standing battle was only fought by the unified synchronizing of thoughts and effort of the teaching staff and the employees with the constant impetus and interest of the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal.


List of Head of the Institution

Sr No.NamePeriod
1Santanu Laha 01-01-2014 to 01-07-2015
2Subhankar Ghosh 02-07-2015 to 30-06-2016
3Jasodhara Bandyopadhyay 01-07-2016 to 15-11-2016
4Purna Chandra Maity 16-11-2016 to